06 May 2019 / Club News

Job Vacancy - Club Steward

Remuneration :

Remuneration will be competitive and subject to negotiation but commensurate with experience and role responsibility.

 Responsibilities and Duties:

• To take responsibility for the running of the club’s bar and catering service, including performance of and / or management of: – Cleaning – Equipment – Ordering – Deliveries – Stock – Storage – Service
• To arrange all bar and catering staff – recruitment, training.    
• To reconcile weekly monies, bank and prepare floats to the financial standards fully in accordance with the financial procedures laid down by the finance representative. 
• To undertake regular stock takes on a periodical basis monitoring all products held by the club including all food, merchandise, non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages that are sold.
• To coordinate all activities at the club ensuring a diary for all events is maintained and adequate staffing and catering is in place to fully utilise the entire facility. 
• To maintain all standards generally associated with a ‘public house’, including product excellence.
• To maintain and coordinate the events across the club ensuring that adequate staff are available to provide catering and bar facilities as required. 
• To ensure that all staff employed are, at all times focussed on providing the best possible levels of service to members and visitors to the club.

Applications in writing by 22nd MAY 2019 to:

Keith Mellens

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